Granville Parents for Academic Challenge and Enrichment--PACE

What is PACE?

PACE is a parent-based group which works closely with the administration of Granville Exempted Village School District and Licking County Gifted Services to promote continued academic challenge for all students in the classroom, and encourage support for the social and emotional needs of all students, with a specific focus on advanced learners and gifted students.

Children with high cognitive abilities and/or achievements often have an enthusiasm for learning and asking questions which can be exciting and yet also challenging for parents.  Parenting a high-achieving child and keeping their thirst for knowledge satiated can be a struggle.  Sometimes networking--discussing ideas, resources, and experiences--with other parents can help.

PACE provides:

A place for students and parents to connect locally with others who have similar academic interests.  

Information on local extra-curricular academic resources and activities.

A social forum for parents of gifted and advanced learners.

Links to resources which discuss students who need challenge beyond the regular classroom experience.

Want to know more about PACE? Some frequently asked questions are presented below.  Still have questions and/or want to join our e-mail list?  Please send us an e-mail at

Granville Parents for Academic Challenge and Enrichment (PACE) is a community group supporting Granville School District.