PACE Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is PACE?  PACE Stands for Parents for Academic Challenge and Enrichment. PACE is a non-profit group of parents and community members that are interested in promoting excellent learning experiences for children.

Q: Who is PACE?  PACE is open to any member of the community who is interested in promoting a spirit of intellectual curiosity that drives academic excellence. There are no membership dues or mandatory responsibilities, but lots of opportunities to get involved. To be added to the PACE distribution list, simply send an email to

Q: Isn't it the school's job to educate my children?  The Granville Schools do an excellent job educating students, and they benefit from supportive parents in the home and learning environments. Education works best when it is a three-way partnership between teachers, parents and students.

Q: What does gifted mean anyway?  The State of Ohio defines gifted students as those who perform at high levels of achievement relative to similar-age peers.  There are academic and cognitive school-administered tests such as Terra Nova, In-View and MAPS which provide data related to gifted identification. However, some children have interests in topics which fall outside of the state definitions.  If a child enjoys a specific topic or area of study (e.g. math, dinosaurs, astronomy, music, art, dance, rocket building, etc.) then he/she may benefit from additional and/or extracurricular activities which focus in-depth on certain topics. PACE helps parents, children and schools find ways to keep children interested in learning.

Q: Where can I learn more about the Granville Schools programs for gifted and advanced learners?  The Granville Schools web site has an overview of the gifted programs in the district at:

Q: Does PACE work just for gifted children?  No. PACE works for all children in Granville, not just those with certain test scores, to ensure that they are challenged both at school and via enriching extracurricular activities.

What other questions do you have? Send an email to for more information or stop by a meeting to learn what PACE is all about.